PPHI Program

PPHI Program

Since Feb 2007, PPHI was the name given to a Public – Private Partnership between the Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) and the Government of Sindh (GOS). PPHI – Sindh is now the name of a private “Company” registered under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984. In January 2014, this new Company received the assignment that was earlier with the SRSO. The first Partnership and the present are both for the management of Primary Healthcare (PHC) infrastructure of the GOS.

In Feb 2007, when the GOS took the innovative route, it had only one object in mind. Its PHC infrastructure in the rural areas – valued conservatively around Rs. 20 Billion –was either sub–optimally operational or altogether dysfunctional. The Health Profile of the population was so disturbing that this infrastructure had to be made urgently and optimally operational. The route taken was to “contract –out” management of Government’s infrastructure to the Private sector. It was named PPHI. It started with just one District – Kashmore – and now extends to 22. PPHI – Sindh presently managing 9 RHCs, 649 BHUs, 35 MCHCs and 435 Dispensaries and 12 others a total of 1140 Health Facilities in rural Sindh. This is the size of the opportunity and the challenge for the PPHI – Sindh.

PPHI has come to mean arranging many more Healthcare Providers especially in remote and hard–to–access rural areas. It has come to mean Healthcare for Mother & Child sufficient availability of essential medical supplies; Health Education; Immunization; Communities connected with Health Facilities (HFs). It has come to mean so much more as the following pages shall show.

Source: http://pphisindh.org/

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