LHW Program

Lady Health Worker Program For Family Planning and Primary Health Care

  • Launched in 1993-94; the largest CBI in SE Asia. Links communities with Health Facilities.
  • By Recruitment & deployment of 110,000 countrywide LHWs; while 23,185 LHWs in Sindh Province.
  • By providing promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative services to the target population.
  • By cultivating community participation through enhanced awareness, attitude change, and mobilization.
  • To Increase immunization coverage in children aged 12-23 months (fully vaccinated)
  • Focusing Maternal & Child Health by contributing towards reduction of IMR (from 85 to 55/1000 LBs) and decline in the MMR (from 400 to 180/100,000 Live Births)
  • Expansion of Family Planning services in urban slums and rural areas. Increase in Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) from 22% to 42% (rural) & 40% to 58% (urban)
  • Improvement of nutritional status of mothers & children.
19 Jan 2022

Dr. Rehana Shaista SWMO BS-19

19 Jan 2022

SOVI(H)G-125/2017: Consequent upon her appointment as Assistant Professor, Electrophysiologist (BS-18), at National Institute of Cardio Vascular Department (NICVD), Karachi Dr. Ghulam Kubra D/o Abdul Khaliq, Woman Medical Officer  (BS-17), posted at Liaquat University Hospital, Hyderabad  is hereby relieved from Health Department, Govt. of Sindh to join new assignment, with immediate effect.


            She is given lien for a period of one (01) year against the post of Woman Medical Officer (BS-17) at Health Department, Govt. of Sindh.


19 Jan 2022

Dr. Farzana, Lakho, Dr. Shahbana Usman, Dr. Madiha Aziz, Dr. Abida Gul, Dr. Humayoon Manzoor, Dr. Zeehsan Ahmed Rehman, Dr. Ali Mehboob Bhati, Dr. Majid Ali, Dr. Sri Chand, Dr. Washdev

19 Jan 2022

Ms. Shaista Mubarak

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